fragrance from the east

nothing smells sweeter than

the fragrance from the east

a budding chinoiserie

that thresholds the paddy pond

and the lallang filled path

leaves stretching upward to the sky..

the moon noticed

and beamed its widest smile!

why do you try so hard little flower?

aren’t you scared of the coming monsoon?

in quiet dignity

she mused

longingly she stood unafraid..

as the bleak evening passed

and morning whistles its cock crow tune

the little bud bloomed

her sweet fragrance now permeates the air

for she knew

that he would ramble out from

his shed in curiosity

to follow the fragrance

as the smell took over where the snuffed candles fade

in an inkling

there he was-

nonchalantly picking her up

minding her every petal…

tucked it into his dust jacket

& took her home.

the sun grinned..





28 responses to “fragrance from the east

    • this is about the single most ingenuity you have done jingle and of course with the help of all our loyal friends like amanda, kavita, buttercup etc. i like this and i know its going to be a big hit!

  1. An encounter and fresh fragrance from the east..your word flow is superb and loved the ending with the sun grinning Fiveload!! So happy to see you linked at Poetry Potluck, your support means the world to us and your dedication’s valued. Much love my friend xx

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